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2015 Idea of Opening Up a Corporate Business on Lending and Loan Offers

ask your loan agentIt never came to my mind until I opened up this old corporate concepts blog that this year, 2015 it could be a great way to invest in opening up a small lending business. This will aim to help small budget needs for quick cash to people who might be interested to use whatever qualification they have to apply for loan. Since i’ve been in the lending industry for 3 years now has given me the knowledge to handle clients and know what requirements are needed for different loan products as well as how the whole system works, I believe I have what it takes to open up my own small loan consulting company soon. But the resources and time won’t be able to allow me to do so and so I decided to share this 2015 business idea here on this blog so others might consider a market study on it. Below is a list of the different loan products and lending companies in the market competition side that needs to undergo research as to competition, marketability, market range and so on. Continue reading

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Curtain Making Business, another sensitive type of investment

Sensitive as it is, some businesses and corporate gifts making investments are meant for people who have the guts to launch one. A simple yet effective way to manage it is knowing all the do’s and don’ts and also to know which way it is going by closely monitoring all aspects of marketing and promotion for an increase in sales. Continue reading

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Costume Making Business, a profitable feat in the Philippines

A friend of mine awakened me in my sleep being a young entrepreneur in the Philippines today. Developing corporate concepts is one of the best advantages I have over others in my field who delve in to promoting an online business. Today, since I am on my way to develop a marketing strategy for my Halloween costumes in the Philippines, I’d like to make it clear that this is nothing new. Continue reading

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OFW Loan, Seaman’s Loan and Car or Personal loan now made available in the Philippines

OFW Seaman's Loan PhilippinesPart of the Corporate Gifts Blog mission is to provide whatever related information to business is there and available for use by anyone and anywhere. This time, I will be discussing some possibilities for Pinoys now to be able to apply for OFW Loan in the Philippines. In relation to this new system now created by some local companies providing possibilities for business expansion with the use of business loan. I would like to make it a point to be able to provide too a contact person that anybody who needs to apply for a credit can call or send an email of concern. Continue reading

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Victor Ortiz Vs Floyd Mayweather Result will establish who’ll battle Pacquiao

This battle may be the Mayweather vs Ortiz live stream battle that is scheduled to occur with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, September 17, 2011. The day and time is set at Saturday 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT so be sure to open up your cable television and register to the dwell stream fight. Continue reading

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Making Squidoo Lens for your Business

Since I have always been talking about business and marketing it online, here is a quick short tip entailing where and what you can use for promoting your business today. I’m talking about squidoo lens. Continue reading

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Monitoring your Package and LBC Money Transfer Safety Issues

LBC Philippines Cargo and Money Transfer

LBC Philippines Cargo and Money Transfer (Full photo credits to

(photo used is in full credits to Let me imply to you that this post is not in any way an advertising campaign. I would just need to discuss my experience upon a personalised levels to many my particular visitors to let them understand or know in terms of LBC Philippines and how tracing codes and safety should be treasured concerning sending and obtaining not just money transfer as well as those who are getting or picking up OFW cardboard boxes or packages back and forth from the Philippine island as well as to and from in another country. Continue reading

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PRC will soon release the NLE Result for July 2011 exam

Yes, that is true… The Professional Regulation Commission will soon be releasing their official NLE Results July 2011 examination. If you are one of the Filipino nurses who took the exam, you can stand by or subscribe to our feeds for the update to this post.

In the meantime, you may also see the official result at PRC website or visit our partner website here – NLE Results July 2011. Inquirer.Net, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star and other Philippines news online will also be featuring the result in their website.

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Another episode in The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

Forgive me for being a little bit different today as I can’t help but post about the upcoming new reality tv show, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. This will be hosted by none other than the Mega Star Ms. Sharon Cuneta and universal leading man, Derek Ramsay with Chinggay the trainer.

If you are looking to watch The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition episodes, you may do so by visiting YouTube.Com or try other video upload sites like Vimeo and the like. Otherwise, stay tuned to Channel 2 Kapamilya network starting this Monday where the premier episode of the show will start airing.

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Business Franchising in the Philippines

If we just look into possibilities of putting up a Philippines franchise for any business, I’d say that there is an abundance of it. You can actually make a short research of this using online websites that offer free information on franchising in the Philippines. This way, it would be easier to see details on where and what kind to invest best on a business. Continue reading

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Philippines Franchising is alive with Kabuhayang Swak na Swak

ABS-CBN has produced the right combination of business entrepreneurship and franchising program with the launch of Kabuhayang Swak na Swak. It is a regular weekend program in ABS-CBN channel 2 that aims to develop the business mindedness and entrepreneurship in Filipinos through franchising and more. Continue reading

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Foodcart Franchise Business

The Philippines foodcart franchise business has grown significantly in the past couple of years. One of the reasons could be because the per capital needed to raise one is literally very small compared to a regular business franchise, say like that of a fastfood type of franchise business. Continue reading

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Bata Reyes, Amit win mixed doubles title

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) As a devoted disciple, the last thing Rubilen Amit would do is to give Efren “Bata” Reyes enough reason to doubt her. Continue reading

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Bro. Eddie Villanueva files candidacy for President

Today was one of the historical days of the Philippines 2010 elections because many of the presidential aspirants have already declared their intent to run for president. Add to that, almost all of them has already filed their certificates of candidacy and showed it to the media. Continue reading

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Arroyo to Run for Congress

Ms. Arroyo, the president of the Philippines has already announced today that she is interested and will be running for congress in her hometown in Pampanga. Many were thinking of other motive for this announcement but let us all just take things out one at a time. Continue reading

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